I Honor You

I Honor You

Dear Beloved:

Today is International Women’s Day and I want to take this time to honor you.

Yes, you, especially you.

You, who are holding back tears in your eyes, 

feeling vulnerable and broken-hearted by betrayal.

You, who still rise every day and brush your teeth 

even when you feel disoriented and your mind keeps spinning.

You, who took the courage to share your story 

even when it was painful and every part of you wanted to deny this new reality.

You, who did not shy away from the truth, 

but chose to face the hard realities with honesty and integrity.

You, who reach out for support from trusted ones, knowing that you can’t do this journey alone.

You, who despite losing the security of a marriage as you knew it, 

still fight to reclaim your own dignity and true identity.

You, whose life was shattered, but you didn’t let it be your destiny. 

Piece by piece, you are finding your way back to healing.

You, who are learning to set healthy boundaries

because you recognize you are worthy.

You, who hold both deep sorrow and great courage in your body.

You, the fierce and tender one.

You, the warrior and the princess.

You, the beloved woman.

With hands over my hand, I honor you.

Coach C