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from Betrayal Trauma

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and heartbroken from the impact of sexual betrayal and relational trauma? Have you felt like you have lost your sense of self and wondered how to pick up the pieces? 

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What does reclaiming healing look like in partner betrayal?

Imagine yourself being at peace in your body, grounded in who you are: beloved and worthy of compassionate care. Yes, betrayal trauma shattered your life, and wounded you at your core, but you have reclaimed safety and stability in your journey of healing. You are practicing self-care and setting healthy boundaries that honor who you are from the inside out. You know peace from within because you are learning to regulate your emotions instead of being overtaken by them, especially when triggered. As you grow, the weight of grief has turned into a beautiful quilt of your losses being well tended to. You are learning to embrace your story, reframe your negative beliefs, and restore joy and hope for your life through healthy connections. You can laugh, dream, and envision a brighter day because you have moved through your trauma instead of being defined by it. Your life is not perfect and there are still painful triggers, but your scars are reminders of the your growth and transformation. 

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